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Fully Customised Ecommerce Website Builder

So you are searching for a Ecommerce Website Builder.

Do you sell something?

It doesn’t have to be something you can touch, it could be your time or a specialist knowledge that you have studied. Whatever it is that you trade in it’s highly likely that somebody somewhere would like to buy ‘it’.

If it’s lawful then we at ValueWeb can get you online fast and selling your ‘it‘ to people whether they are in your local area or on the other side of the world, we can get you online fast and in budget.

Product Sliders

What is a slideshow?

It’s one of these…



and if you have an online brochure or catalog then become the online envy of your competitors with this cool ‘book’…



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We don’t tend to like over active websites, we believe they can be a distraction to the viewer, that’s why we try to advise our clients to stay away from ‘Bells and Whistles’ website design ideas.

However we do like a tasteful slideshow, we see it as a great way to tell a story with a few pictures without taking up too much valuable space ‘above the fold’ of your webpage. Think of a website as a newspaper, if the headline above the ‘fold’ does not attract your attention you are less likely to pick it up and buy it, right? Well the same goes for web design, your site needs to catch the viewers eye (without gaudiness) and tell them instantly what it is you have to offer. Fail to do this and it’s likely that potential customer will browse on to the next website…your competitors site perhaps.

Sell Online with our e-Commerce websites

If you’re serious about your commerce business then you’ll need to be online with an E-commerce website.

  • Sell your products Worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
  • Modern looking design and styling
  • Secure payment providers
  • Accept automated credit card payments, PayPal or even cheques if you prefer
  • Sell all your products in one place
  • Generate local, National or Global sales
  • Provide friends and family with discounts
  • Offer discounts for regular customers or Newsletter Subscribers
  • Manage E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Charge the correct postage per order per customer to keep you competitive
  • You name it we can help your business provide it!

Many providers will offer you a cheap E-commerce website that is very generic in it’s appearance, whereas we will provide you, our valued client, with a low cost yet high value E-commerce site that not only displays your products but entices and pulls potential customers in through your virtual shop door.

Ok, so how can we do that for you at such a low cost compared to our competitors?

Firstly we are honest; We are very experienced in creating E-commerce websites using free ‘Open Source’ commerce programs.

Free E-commerce builder

Free program? Does that mean sub standard (aka rubbish)?

That’s where our honesty comes back into it. Many many(!) web design companies use these same tools, but we aren’t afraid to admit it. Yet they will not pass on the savings to their clients.

Don’t get us wrong, it takes an awful lot of programming skill and time to create a worthy, secure and profitable E-commerce website, but we believe you should only actually pay for what it is you are getting and not have to suffer exaggerated prices just because you, the client, can make money from something that we, or any other, competent, website developer can create for you.

We charge you for what we provide for you not what the developer would like you to believe they have provided to you.

Fully functional and custom made E-commerce websites;

Prices starting from as little as £1000

Ready? Let’s get you ready for Lift Off…