Business Website Builder

All this for just £750!


Business Website Builder

So you are searching for a business website builder… Every business, no matter how large or small, should have a web presence of some kind. Even if it is just basic contact details or business location information.

Today potential customers or clients are more likely to search the Internet for a product or service than use outdated methods such as Yellow Pages or other directories.

We will build your business a website for £750, and even less if you are a North Devon charity looking for a website.

How many hours a week do you spend replying to phone messages where a customer has simply called to ask your opening hours, where your office is located or to ask if you provide a specific service.

You may be a builder, a plumber a driving instructor, a shop owner or the Chairperson of a club or committee. Can you really afford not to have a Website for your business?

Low combined upkeep and hosting fee of just £20 per month with our Value Package!

What do you get for £750?

Our business website builder package includes:

  • A modern mobile responsive website consisting of multiple pages which incorporates your existing logo and design to match the colour scheme of your logo.
  • Social Media integration (inclusive and optional)
  • Image gallery (inclusive and optional)
  • Image slideshow (inclusive and optional)
  • Google Maps registration and business location
  • An available domain name. It’s yours to keep!
  • 250mb of webspace
  • Up to 5 email addresses linked to your website address
  • Website submission to Google

All content such as text and images should be provided by the client. An estimated turnaround time for a project of this type is 1-2 weeks.

Mobile Responsive Design

Unless you have lived in a cave for the past ten years or so then you can barely have helped to not notice the massive influence that Smart Phones and Tablet devices have had upon our modern world.

Admit it, virtually every man and his dog knows what an iPad is, right?

Well we enjoy making our websites ‘Responsive’ and ‘Mobile Friendly’.

What does that mean?

We can enhance your website design by making it respond accordingly dependent on what sized device (screen) your potential customer is viewing it on.

This makes for a more enjoyable user experience for your customer, giving your site more opportunity to entice them to do business with you.


Absolutely! Picture this, you are searching on your smart phone for a local service or perhaps a shop while in town. You find two sites providing exactly what it is you are looking to purchase. One site, is Mobile Responsive, it gives you, the reader, a clear and concise page of information.

The other site is non-responsive, shall we say old fashioned? You have to swipe around, zoom in, zoom out, perhaps even struggle to find the information you were searching for on the old fashioned site.

Which site do you think a purchaser will return to…?

Yes, your Mobile Friendly and Responsive site of course, so you should prepare yourself for yet another customer. Poor you.

Social Media Intergration

Love it or loath it Social Media is here to stay, what better way to get word out there about your new website than linking to FaceBook.

We’ll integrate selective buttons for the most popular Social Media providers, such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ etc for you.

Ready? Let’s get you ready for Lift Off…